Kerryn Sylvia


An artists book using repetition of an image and a circular concertina format to reflect the cycles of birthdays, social occasions, growth and maturing through the rights of passage taken into woman hood. The image itself is a recreation of a memory of my own sixteenth birthday replacing myself with my own daughter wearing one of my mothers old dresses. The Tiara belonged to my grandmother and links us all in that continual lineage of matriarchal experience. 

Love and other Collisions
Photographs, Laminate 
January 2011 installation 

This work references the yellow GT falcon my parents brought off the showroom floor in 1974. The significance of a family’s first new car can last a lifetime and continues to unite and divide in the quest for understanding about love and the strong ties of blood, however fractured.  

The car in its original state in the driveway of our family home January 1974.

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