Sarah Nickas


This is my life, scoring paper with ink and pen, creating straight, vertical or horizontal lines, drawn at angles or with curves. An image becomes a map for someone else to use.

This is architecture.


Since I was very young I listened to my uncles tell stories of laying bricks.

I enjoyed the community they created amongst themselves, the humour and the tricks they would play on each other.
Once they buried a car.


I enjoy the problem solving that comes with thinking about creating a very large three dimensional solid form. Forming voids that are the spaces we live and work in. Taking an idea from your mind to your hand to the paper.

This is my everyday space.


Other times when no one watches I sit and score paper with my memories and observations. I do this in moments that are evasive, moments that are crammed either side by life.

I always ensure the paper is small.

I fill up the small notebooks, the pages create the pattern, the time creates the length. For a period of time I wrote from the back to the front. Trying to make it cryptic from the eyes of others.

This is my ‘me’ space. When I am present with myself.

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