Adam Telfod



Title of Work: My Creepy Little Child

 Material: Computer parts, Doll          


My name is Adam Telford, my work is a style that involves looking at the world around us and creating or seeing things in a different way that others may not.

I have completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at Tafe Mildura and I am currently completing and Bachelor of Visual Arts at Latrobe Mildura.

 Usually I work in the fields of photography and printmaking but I do like to experiment in sculpture and painting also.

My creepy Little Child is a piece that has been made using broken down computer piece’s that need not be thrown away, but recreated and made in to a weird and wacky little creature that now has a new life, seeing things in life in a different way not only can help the environment but also allows for a creation which can never be a bad thing.


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