Donata Carrazza

August installation

Postal is a work that seeks to engage with its audience. Outcomes are completely unknown, but the objective is to encourage letter writing at a time where this exercise is no longer the standard form of communicaton. While we write many things all day such as emails, forms and documents, lists of all sorts, professional letters, text messages and even blogs, the act of writing a letter to someone is rare. The intention is to create an opportunity for the participant to take the time to think, to write on paper and to express themselves with candour. I look forward to receiving these letters and to experiencing their impact on me when I read them.

Donata Carrazza is an avid reader, occasional writer and visual arts enthusiast. In 1990 she completed a BA at the University of Melbourne majoring in Italian language and literature and has continued her studies in the humanities intermittently at the Mildura campus of La Trobe University. She was a founder of the Mildura Arts Festival in the mid 90’s and continues her involvement, specifically in the Mildura Writer’s Festival. With Paul Kane, the artistic director of the Mildura Writer’s Festival she has edited two books, Vintage: A Celebration of Ten Years of the Mildura Writers’ Festival and Letters to Les.

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