Kerryn Sylvia

June 2011 Installation
Bread ties and Photographic Paper
The sphere as a incomplete entity created out of humble bread ties holds a watery little house which references the February Mildura floods and a continuing feeling of displacement.

Artist Statement
A combination of memory, family and found objects inspire and invigilate my art practice. I like to be moved by a range of materials and processes throughout the creation of work and the end results are largely governed by the way all the elements combine to express my vision.
Kerryn Sylvia completed a Bachelor of visual arts at Latrobe University in 2004, and has been exhibiting her work for over a decade. Recent exhibitions include WHITE, at Gallery 25, Mildura Palimpsest 7, and the Linden Postcard show. In addition her arts practice Kerryn has worked internationally in costume design, is a classical musician, and arts lecturer.


  1. You are so talented, so creative!

  2. Great that we are exhibiting at the same time! See you on the walk on the 14th