Sally Hederics

May Cube Installation

Artist Statement - Transition
This piece is about a personal situation, which has come about through a shoulder condition that developed about 6 months ago. The rare condition, brachial neuritis, has left me unable to lift my right arm and as a dancer, has had an enormous effect on not only my everyday existence, but also my ability to dance without a fully functioning body. As a dancer, you get accustomed to injury and pain and while I believe that I can rehabilitate my shoulder and eventually regain what I had, this moment in time where I can’t conquer all physical challenges, has left me wondering what life for me, was, is and could be like, because of this. There are positives and negatives within every challenge we are thrown and this one has certainly got me thinking about how I feel about being looked at as a performer, a teacher and a person and how I can learn, through this moment, to see.

Transition- the process of change from one
form, state, style or place to another

I am being patient...

In silent mutation

A sleeping possibility

One in one hundred thousand

Identity meets injury

Anticipating the moment when the information will reveal itself

The reasons why and what for and the ending

Expectation meets alteration

Observed becomes the onlooker

Into the shadows and away from the light

Information requires interpretation

Realization, comprehension and other big words are pending

Nullified, quashed, invalidated, annulled, reversed, abolished

I fold and unfold inside flight


A flutter, a hope, a chance, a memory

An endless flow of air and dust

I am still and breathing in and out

I begin again


Sally Hederics grew up in Mildura, Victoria, combining schooling with classical and contemporary dance training in Mildura before relocating to Adelaide to continue her dance studies at a more professional level.

From 1998 to 2000 she attended the Centre for the Performing Arts in Adelaide, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Dance Performance. During these years she had the opportunity to work with many of Australia’s top choreographers gaining valuable insight into a range of choreographic processes and fueling a desire to continue developing her own style of choreography.

 As a multi-skilled performer, Sally has had a range of experiences that range from working as a dance teacher at Edithburg Primary School in South Australia, with the Artists in Schools Program, being a guest choreographer with the Australian Girls Choir, assistant choreographer to Anna Smith for the Murray Dance Project, 'On Salty Ground' and dancing in 'Andrea Chenier' for the State Opera of South Australia.

In 2004 Sally completed her Honours in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Victoria and soon after graduation, auditioned and began work with the Melbourne based international touring company Strange Fruit. Since this time, Sally has enjoyed performing throughout Australia, and has toured extensively with the company to Africa, South America, North America, Europe and India with the company whilst maintaining her connection to her hometown, performing and working within the community of Mildura.

Sally has now returned to live near her regional home and works as a contemporary, choreography and jazz teacher for the Mildura Ballet and Dance Guild. She has upheld her connection to Melbourne through ongoing commitments with Strange Fruit and Next Wave and continues to choreograph group and solo work, developing a body of work that incorporates her dance training with the visual arts, film, photography, children and local community.

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