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Whitecubemildura was established to provide an unusual, low stress, fun and creative approach to exhibiting art in public spaces. Three micro galleries each measuring APPROXIMATELY 30 x 30 x 30 cm have been placed in different locations throughout the CBD. See White Cube Locations to find the sites.

whitecubemildura was established in 2011 by two artists - Kate and Filomena. - and then coordinated by Dean Worthington and Rohan Morris, Rachel Kendringan, with a lot of help and support from friends and local businesses. The Whitecubemildura is now curatored by Rosina Byrne. Our intention is to make the exhibiting and viewing of artwork as accessible as possible. We hope that the exhibitors, visitors and any fellow bloggers will help make this small idea create a big splash in this Murray River region.

Interested in having a page on this blogsite? 
please contact us via e-mail and include
  • An  Artists Biography
  • An artist statement 
  • One image of your work
  • A phrase stating your connection to Mildura (for admin purposes only not for publishing)
whitecubemildura will add your information to the website.

    Interested in exhibiting in a cube?
    • An Artists Biography
    • An artist statement 
    • Images of your work
    • A brief statement regarding what you would like to do in the space.
    whitecubemildura will contact you within a month to let you know if your application is successful.

    Rosina Byrne and Kerryn Sylvia at whitecubemildura@gmail.com