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What to eat?
September Installation

There was a time when the land could sustain us without intervention. We ate native foods from a diverse ecology which survived the variabilities of the conditions.
We understood nutritional and medicinal values of the plants around us and followed the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Then we learned how to manipulate the earth and the plants, using mechanical and chemical engineering to grow food in a more predictable and controlled manner. We embraced convenience and developed expectations around the presentation of what we chose to consume, exchanging biodiversity for availability and our own comfort.

Waste and pollutants are now woven into the landscape that we continue to exploit, taking all we can eke from the earth.
Dust storms of precious topsoil blow through us as nature takes the little that is left of this healthy soil. What is left? What can it produce? We are left to eat the bitter fruit of our doing.

Upon the layers of abuse and destruction we build a future that sustains us and the land. We can take from past knowledge and learn to understand our surrounds, consciously growing with the land. The nature of farming is being challenged and to survive we must find new ways from old. Nurturing the soil and adopting the balance nature finds in diversity.

We are a not-for-profit group with an over-whelming volunteer focus. Our aim is to enhance healthy living and well-being in our community. Through our shop we sell and promote organic & bio-dynamic produce, bulk wholefoods and other environmentally friendly products. We encourage community diversity and promote social justice issues.

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