Stedman Watts


August installation

I have been playing with self-portraiture for about 5 years. This has primarily been through the use of existing x-rays and MRI scans of my body.  I am taken by the simplicity of the structure of the human artefact and what lies beneath.  Imperfection of form is seen on occasion at the heart of being.
My story is not exceptional; I have learnt that I can’t find a quick diagnosis or treatment. This is a process of experience, rather than healing.  

Having left Mildura I lived, studied and worked in Melbourne for 7 years.  I was associated with many artists and spent many, many nights in their company at events and openings. However it was not until I followed a French woman to France (the excuse) that I was drawn to and felt a desire to explore creating and making for myself. Living in Canberra for the last 8 years, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study art, work in Ethics and fall in love with an artist (not French). My life has been an incredible journey that has led me full circle, back to Mildura.

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