Katy Mutton

Artist Bio and Statement

Katy is an independent visual artist with a BA in Fine Art from the ANU School of Art. In a former life she was an Interior Architect, specializing in Sustainable Design (BA Applied Science in Environmental Design, UC). Her training in this discipline has influenced much of her art making process. She also works freelance for various arts publications, writing and proofing. Katy is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design through COFA (College of Fine Art, UNSW). Her primary focus through this degree is on the intersection of science and art and the increasing opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration in this field.

Katy’s artistic practice is primarily interested in neurological issues, particularly to do with memory disruption and impairment. Some of these ideas are explored in her work through narratives, relating to loss and fracture of family and identity. Her most recent body of work explores these themes through research she undertook through the National Archives, exploring the files of some of her ancestors. Most of these works consist of drawings and prints will be on show at Canberra Contemporary Art Space throughout October 2012.

Katy enjoys working across mediums, exploring her ideas through different materials. In the last few years she has spent a lot of time working with fragile porcelain paper products, with the support of the ANU School of Art Ceramics department in Canberra. Initial experiments in print and small-scale object construction evolved into installation works exploiting shadow. Other installations incorporated LED lighting systems, highlighting the translucency of the material.

A selection of images of Katy’s work can be found at http://www.kbam.com.au/

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