Grace Miles

Dying to be Popular

I made this picture by first drawing it, then scanning it onto the computer then colouring it. It didn’t take me long, but I’m happy with it anyway!

The concept came from the popular people who have no personality and are mean, which makes them all drone-like. They follow each other around; all act the same and no differences which makes them similar to zombies. The picture can also have another meaning; that sometimes your actions can start to show on the outside. It affects who you are as a person and people start to see who you really are – for these ‘zombie-like’ people, this is how they act!

What the zombie girl says is something these kind of people would say. Seeing as they look different as they normally would, you instantly disagree at the statement. Imagine if we could see people on what they were really like on the outside. Would this change things on what we see as beautiful today?

Overall, I really like how this picture turned out.

My name is Grace Miles and I love art! The very thought of putting great ideas onto paper or canvas and creating a masterpiece makes me happy. I’m 15 years old, go to St Joseph’s College and love hanging around with friends, creating art and making short films. My style of art is a bit quirky; a mix between light and dark concepts makes my art what it is. I like to walk on the line between normal and strange while creating dramatic feeling at the same time. I want the viewer to remember something, to feel something while also being able to remember the piece for the future.

I have many influences which can change my work. Sometimes just watching a movie can change my perspective on things. Sure, I change my mind a lot but it doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do in the end. I believe in the freedom to think, do and say what you believe in. The freedom to dream, to be happy and to create whatever your heart and mind tell you are all things everyone should have a right to.

I don’t want to be just another face in the crowd or just another follower. To create your own style, do what makes you happy and to stand out are things that I truly respect in a person. Those who single others out while calling them weirdos are not the people I would want to be associated with as they can’t think for themselves. Be yourself, believe what you want and be happy with who you are because there is only one you.

I believe it’s possible for brightness and darkness to come together to create something beautiful. After all, anything’s possible.

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