Stuart Hills

July Installation
SMH Welding
Copper wire and mixed media

Born in Perth to itinerate workers,I had two sisters that I soon took responsibility as protector.
Life involved a lot of travelling ,meeting many and varied people.It was soon realisied that
I would be a creator ,I spent much of my time alone making anything that would be of some use for the family
Much of which was just neglected when it came time to move to another town.
At the age of 20 I decided to become a welder /metal fabricator.Following the basic principles of the trade
however always adding my own special flare to my work when possible.
After the passing of my Mum Dad and little sister (whom was my best friend ) my life spiralled into alcohol abuse
Finding myself in this addiction and no apparent way out ,I took the initiative to take myself into Rehab.
Comming out from under the cloak of addiction opened up my real creative mind.

My art ,and in particular the wire insect sculptures are a form of meditation for me ,I am able to switch off from the world and
use my own interpretation and imagination to create .Life is about ever changing evolution ,just as a dragonfly and or a butterfly changes .
Starting life as a grub,going into a cacoon and finally transforming into a wonderful and beautiful creature to be admired .

This is how I see my art ,as my life.
So far.

Curriculum Vitae
School of hard knocks and University of life, works displayed throughout Sunraysia in the form of Structual Steel Fabrications. Wire sculptures are proudly displayed in many homes around Victoria, and Australia

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  1. Hi Stuart, This is a long shot but I think you are my nephew. Was your fathers name Ian and he had a sister called Jane? I dont want to put anything more personal on this site.
    Please contact me as soon as possible.I am in New Zealand but grew up in Aust. I am your fathers and Jane's sister.
    I am very impressed with your art work. Jennifer
    use this email