Heather Lee

102 days from here
Artist Book: Photocopy transfer on Mingeishi paper, waxed thread

Artist’s Statement

My art is strongly influenced by my research into sports' sociology and the way Australia's historical foundations have permeated through to the present time. Recently, my particular area of interest has been the experiences of Indigenous cricketers and how their legacies have become metaphors for discourses on personal identity.
The imagery resulting from such investigations tends to carry a duality of meaning and sits within a minimal symbolist aesthetic.
I work across various media including printmaking, sculpture, digital printmaking, silk painting and drawing.

This ball-shaped artists’ book documents the 1868 tour of England made by the Australian Aboriginal Cricket Team. Between May and October 1968, 47 matches were played of which the team won 14, drew 19 and lost 14. One team member never returned home.

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