Donnie Byrne

Even The Snakes Died
Mixed Media

Misty Morning
Digital Photograph

Artist Statement

Thanks to my great-grandparents coming to Mildura in 1888, my recent family history has been centred in and around the Sunraysia District.

My family were hoarders, and I soon discovered that everything had a story to tell – no matter how old, battered or broken it was. Everything has had a life and is therefore interesting and worthy of acknowledgement and respect.

My childhood was spent out of town, much of it in the bush or on the Murray River. My father was a true old-fashioned bushman, and so I grew up learning about the flora, fauna and history of this area.

I owned an Antique shop in Mildura for thirty years, with the result I learned much about Antiques and Collectables and even more about Mildura’s history. I became particularly interested in collecting Australiana and early Australian Pottery.

Almost every day I take our dogs for a walk in the bush, and it is on these walks that I have become interested in the animal and human detritus that is scattered everywhere and the stories it has to tell.

My favourite saying is “If only it could talk”, as the stories these discarded objects could tell us would be fascinating. I think it is out of curiosity and respect for the past that I pick up anything that appeals to me on these walks and take it home to add to my collection.

I am particularly interested in the shape and texture of bones, feathers, gnarls from trees, grasses, roots, bark, insects, broken china (particularly with the Maker’s mark still visible on the back), rusty tin, wire, etc., as often I can see the potential in it for some future artwork.

Curriculum Vitae
2011 – HERstories Exhibition, International Women’s Day, Mildura.

2009- Wangumma meets Peaka Exhibition, Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura.

- Wetland Dreaming Exhibition, (selection), Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura.

2008 – Portrayed, Photographic Exhibition (invitation), Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura.

- Inaugural Exhibition, The Art Vault, Mildura.

- Studio Artist, The Art Vault.

- Wangumma Artist’s Exhibition, Wentworth.

- Wetlands Wet and Dry – A Study of Water without Water. Gallery

25, Mildura.

2007 - White. Gallery 25, Mildura.

- Winner Open Photography, Mildura Rotary Club Easter Art Show.

- Inaugural Member, Wangumma Artists.

2006 - Solo Exhibition, Hommage to Hallett, Mildura Arts Centre.

- Student Exhibition, La Trobe University, Mildura.

- Wentworth Sweat Box Exhibition.

2005 - Student Exhibition, La Trobe University, Mildura.

- Wentworth Sweat Box Exhibition.

- 2005 / 2009 – Chair, Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival Mardi Gras Street Parade Committee .

2004 - Student Exhibition, La Trobe University, Mildura. - Wentworth Sweat Box Exhibition.

- Exhibition Gallery 25, Mildura.

2003 - Student Exhibition, La Trobe University.

- Exhibition (invitation) Gallery 25, Mildura.

- Student Exhibition, Mildura Arts Centre.

2003 / 2006 - Part-time Bachelor of Visual Arts student, La Trobe University, Mildura Campus.

2002/ 2003 - Member Mildura Arts Festival Board.

1990s’ - Committee, Gentle Arts Exhibition, Mildura Arts Centre.

1980s/1990s (8 years) - President, Friends of Mildura Arts Centre.

1972/ 2002 – Proprietor Granny’s Antiques, Mildura.

1970’s - Organising Committee, Henderson Park Art shows.

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  1. WOW, what a line up - loved reading about all your good work, and your interesting insights. I've also become very interested in photography and the great things the eye can see.