Kirbi Kennewell

Unbroken Subjugation
Aluminium cans

Australia. Home to over 22,000,000 people of different age, gender, religion and nationality. The majority of our population live in large cities and often don’t see the Australian outback. Our true multicultural background is being swept away to boast an ‘Occa’ monoculture when this stereotype of the average Australian makes up a very small minority of today’s society.
My work aims to explore the ritualistic nature of this stereotypical society using the backdrop of my native town in far west NSW, a regimented outback society seemingly untouched by time, leaving it to become what is the romantic notion of the untamed and free outback. My work explores the struggle to survive in a glorified Aussie society and the rituals carried out by the proud people who dwell there. It is the insignificant customs that are of interest to me as to an outsider, they are unseen, while to a local, they are heightened by the lack of external influence.
Unbroken Subjugation is a tribute to the life within a tangled web of ritual. Each entity with its own trace incessantly connected to all existing paths forcing our subjugation, ever reliant on our past.

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