Mina Haggblom

Ink on balloons
Dimensions Variable

About the Artist:

Mina Haggblom grew up in downtown Shinjuku, Tokyo, and began drawing at a young age. Although not a very diligent student, she studied illustration and contemporary art at Bantan University in Tokyo. Early in her illustration career she created images for CD covers, flyers, magazines and fashion garments as well as exhibiting in galleries and boutiques throughout Tokyo. After several exhibitions Mina began creating large-scale direct to wall drawings in apartments and houses in Tokyo and Melbourne. As well as wall murals she also experimented with drawing on non-art materials, 3 dimensional objects and installation. Her work is a psychosexual exploration of contemporary city dwelling woman and one would think she has an obsession with elephants and feet. Mina has been known to flippantly inject “one artist in the family is enough!” into conversations but now that her daughter walking and chatting her interest in art is slowly returning…

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