Tara Liddell and Moana Kidd

Short Message Service, November cube installation

The immediacy of modern telecommunications, including the internet, takes a certain amount of time, attention and anticipation away from correspondence. We are countering this by making a collection of origami stars, each has a written message contained within. These messages are our own until they are physically picked up, unraveled and read, a private communication that requires effort and intent to receive.


Tara and Moana work as collaborators on their mixed media installations and use each other’s skills and abilities to bring their ideas to their fullest potential. Working from a mash up of Moana’s print background and Tara’s street art we are able to create a depth of layering and style impossible to achieve individually. We are also able to approach concepts and themes from different perspectives and a different aesthetic, creating a visually and conceptually diverse body of work.


“On The same Page” Group Show, Gallery 25, Mildura
“Temporary”, Group Show, Collingwood Gallery, 292 Smith St, Melbourne
“Sugar and Spice” Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Kerang, Robinvale travelling show
“Monkey Business” Murray Darling Palimpsest, Mildura
“Show” Chapel Hill Winery Gallery, SA
“Boys and Girls” Zootz Kitchen Bar Henley Square Adelaide
“Collaborative Imagination” AP Bond Gallery 139 Magill St Stepney Adelaide
“I’m Nobody who are you?” Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura
“Love Moments” Group exhibition, Art Moment Gallery, Bondi, NSW
‘Little girls are made of’ Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura
“Eclectic” Continuing students’ exhibition; project manager
Mildura Writers’ festival: Poetic Licence event, “The Setts” Mildura – Event Co-ordinator
Poetic Licence May Fundraiser, Finest Drop Cellars Mildura – Event Co-ordinator
Chateau Mildura Poetic Licence event - Artistic director
“Well Hung” Continuing students’ exhibition; project manager and joint curator
“Diva07” exhibition, squash court gallery Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
“Collection of Artist Books” The long gallery Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Continuing students’ exhibition, The Big Shed, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Diploma end of year exhibition, squash court gallery, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
“Gifted Sands”, Ruawharo Marae, Oputama, New Zealand

Bachelor of Visual Arts, La Trobe University 2008 – Ongoing, Mildura, Vic
Diploma of Visual Arts, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE2005-2007, Mildura, Vic
-Outstanding achievement Award 2007
-Outstanding Achievement Award 2005

Tara Liddell CV

1994- Moved to Mildura from Broken Hill
2005-2006- VCE at Mildura Senior College, Victoria
2007-2009- Completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Art) La Trobe University, Mildura
2010- Completed a Graduate Diploma in Education
Currently teaching as an Art teacher at a local Secondary College.

Solo Exhibition:
2007- Pop Cultured Friendships, La Trobe University Long Gallery, Mildura

Group Exhibitions:
2011- Monkey Business, Palimpsest #8, Mildura
On The Same Page (Curator), Gallery 25, Mildura
Love Moments, Art Moments Gallery, Bondi
2010 – Small Works Show, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2009 – This Isn’t The Kind Of Thing You Just Ignore: La Trobe University Mildura Campus Graduate Exhibition, VARS, Mildura
2008- Eclectic, La Trobe University, Mildura
2007- Well Hung, La Trobe University, Mildura
2006- Mildura Senior College Year 12 Exhibition, Gallery 25, Mildura

Collaborative Exhibitions:
2011 – I’m Nobody! Who are you? Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura
Collective Imagination: The Dysfunction of Dysfunction, AP Bond, Adelaide
Boys and Girls, Zootz, Henley Beach Adelaide
Sugar And Spice, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery (Travelling show)
2010 – Little girls are made of..., Stefano’s Gallery 25, Mildura

2009- Colin Barrie Acquisition Award
2006- Art DUX/Top Study Score, Mildura Senior College

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