Aaron Rose

Artist Statement
I began making my dolls in Sarah’s class. They were giant ones. Then I made others when I entered them into the Mildura Show.
I made them in my favorite colours – green, pink red and blue.
  I love my drawings too.
I put them in the Mildura Show as well.
My favorites are… all of them!
I tell stories about all my dolls. They all have their own stories and they are all related.
I like the Simpsons, especially Marge who is made into many dolls.
I love my scarecrow women. I spent a lot of time making her for the Cardross Show.

Artist Background

Aaron is totally focused on making dolls which evolve out of stories and characters that he is constantly revising and expanding through elaborate and complex family trees. He uses just about any material and item in the making of the dolls, from fabric offcuts, newspaper, foam, cotton wool to rolls of sticky tape, old biros and pens and masking tape. Each doll goes through many changes as they get transformed into their final personas. Aaron actively interacts with each doll as he constructs their features.
From the creation of these stories and characters Aaron also works on large scale close up portrait drawings. His drawings at this stage are made using pencils and felt tip pens. Recent drawings have been noted for their heightened detail in clothing and background. Aaron is gradually being enticed towards developing paintings using brushes and acrylic on canvas and with this new attention to detail, the envisaged paintings will bring out exciting possibilities.
Bob Jankowski
Mildura Specialist School

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