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Rosina Byrne. Bio.

Rosina Byrne is a Mildura based artist who is trying to understand or make sense of life, death and everything in between, she was born in 1965 to Italian migrant parents and raised on a Grape Fruit Block on the outskirts of Euston, N.S.W. Byrne works predominantly with photography, and however video work is used in her installation work occasionally. Byrne completed her Bachelor of Visual Art at LaTrobe, Mildura,2013, where she received The Collin Barrie Acquisitive Award, the La Trobe Executive Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence in 2012 and also in 2012 she was awarded the Golden Key from Golden Key International Honour Society for excellence. Byrne has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, Palimpsest #9 in Mildura, Wallflower Photomedia Gallery, Mildura, 2013 and has exhibited at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne in 2012.  Byrne’s art practice is constantly evolving; she is currently exploring the uniqueness of individuals through her surveillance and voyeuristic approach to making art.  Byrne is the random and opportunistic photographer out there capturing the inner workings of life

Night Windows.  Publication, 2012

Artist Statement
Night windows are about being voyeuristic. You want to look into people’s lives without them knowing. It is similar to what Forrest Gump says in the movie by the same name, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re guna get”. You walk the streets at night and a light in a window catches your eye, you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself, because you never know what you might see. Each window at night is as if you are observing someone’s life story; it is about standing outside the story looking in. Windows come in many shapes, some are decorated or partly covered, and the light can be soft or very strong.
 Working at night has its advantages, you are given lots of negative space which is wonderful, and the darkness has the ability to erase the clutter that exists in peoples live and you are left with only beauty. Night windows is all about, going into the deep of night and looking from the outside in.
 ‘Twas deep; so deep of night, When I saw what I had seen - So truly deep of night, When I went where I had been, And really deep of night, When I heard what I had heard.  Ricky Baker

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