Rohan Morris

Rohan Morris

Currently studying Visual Arts, with a background in Graphic Design and Youth Work, my practice resolves around current political issues dealing with trust, acceptance, law and sexuality. Underneath we are all the same, I want to explore traits (such as sex and personality) which we all share, yet on the surface in the public we all become judged and accepted so differently.

Inner Spring, 2012

Looking at the current social and political issues surrounding human rights, acceptance and sexual politics, along with my own personal opinions and view, I have re developed the domestic mattress as a metaphor for human kind. Shredding back the layers exposing the inner structure and skeletal system in which we all have. The layers of trust, emotion, scars, discrimination, race, gender and sexuality in a vigorous dirty method symbolising the pain and torment while exposing the inner structure which binds us all together as being the same.

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