Rae Gadzinski


Trapped black is a visual investigation into the notion of death, its effects and consequences. This work was made sight specific for the white cube and is a continuation of my 2011 honours project. The box of black has become a representation of my currant life, stuck within a small chaotic space filled with uncertainty, disorder and confusion. Whilst still trying to overcome and comprehend the sudden passing of my eldest brother, I am now left to untangle the mess that is myself.

With the use of my artistic practice and sculptural mediums, I am constantly on the journey of self discovery and left to unravel each strand of string reflecting on the discissions I made to lead me where I am today.  A piece of string an obvious analogy, but one that continues to resinates within my art practice over time.
Everyone has a piece of string with a beginning and always an end. How far your string travels, in what direction and where it ends is unknown. But for me where I stand within my life right now lies inside this box of black. The end of the string is unavoidable, but for now I will continue to channel my emotions and feelings into my work, and will continue to do so until I feel as if I am free from inside the black.
This story is mine to tell, and only mine to untangle. 

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