Artist: Ann Hayward

Title: Untitled
Medium:  Artist book
Location: Chan and Naylor

I make art which contains a message. I hope people will think about issues and care. I believe that simplicity carries a stronger message, omitting all superfluous distractions.
This work is about the Murray River and the influence of human presence in its ecosystem.
At several sites I collected Murray River water, soil and plant matter from each vicinity and samples of any rubbish present. All this was processed and made into sheets of ‘paper’, samples of which can be seen on the pages of this book.

This is part of an on-going project which examines the role of the river in Mildura and the relationship between it and the people who live here and use it in a variety of ways. Privileges should always be accompanied by responsibilities and we are privileged to have such a beautiful asset as the Murray River to enrich our lives.

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