Hilary Thiele

Hilary Thiele has lived in Sunraysia for twenty-seven years and has been writing poetry, songs and the occasional short story and article, along with working in education, for most of her life. She has had her writing published in educational journals as well as The Age," and in recent years Hilary has won the poetry competition for the Mildura Writers Festival three times. One of Hilary's songs ("The Dream") was co-written with her brother Mark Seymour, and was recorded on his album, "Daytime and the Dark."

Imperfect Storm

The clouds are lost in battle - there's nowhere for them to hide
but they hear a voice of hope that's speaking softly in the wind
between the bolts of lightning, it is offering a guide
in a rumour bright and shiny and as magical as sin

So even as the vortex drags them downwards in its rage
they have heard they'll be uplifted in a chariot of gold
whose advent will be imminent - it's waiting just off stage -
a deus ex machina reaching out to save their souls

The clouds invoke a chorus, but their voices cannot sing
in anything but discord as cacophonous as cancer
and the sad, bewildered creature hanging limply in the wings
tries to join in, but its croaking voice can never be an answer

Roaring now in desperation, thunder calls for more control
but sobbing quietly in the dark, the clouds become bereft
for this rumbling, poisonous air can only rattle with the cold

And the night grows ever deeper, engulfing all that's left

Unheeded Warning

Expectantly, you peer behind you
but it's only dried, desperate leaves
scattering and teasing the footpath
in a wind whose breath is focused and unforgiving
leaving you behind like a ghost at the gates

A question once formed with confidence
stays unasked and instead
your open mouth becomes a slow gape
of loneliness and realisation

You are witnessing something mapped
in a designated pattern
you glimpsed once in a dream
at the dawn of time
and dismissed as foolish fantasy.

Hilary Thiele

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