Mildura Pottery Group

Mildura Pottery Group

Mildura Pottery Club was formed to continue conducting classes in pottery when MADEC was going to close their Deakin Ave Studio about 10 years ago. Knowing there were many students who wanted to continue to learn the finer art of creating with clay we took over the running of the studio. (Unfortunately this studio was demolished late last year to make way for a swimming pool for the special school)

After school kid’s classes are very popular with children ranging in age from 7 – 18. They experiment with wheel throwing and hand building and all classed are lots of fun with kids inspiring each other and sharing creative ideas.

Adult members meet every Wednesday evening and they too experiment with wheel throwing and hand building. This ancient art has a place in the modern world and the continuous stream of students confirms this.

Artists Statement

Cow and calf. Jayne Bawden

This work was created in response to our new temporary studio which is in a rural setting. The open doorway looks out on to a paddock of cows and calves, geese, kookaburras and wild ducks. It has been hard not to be inspired by this new environment and many pots have featured the surrounding wildlife both physically and decoratively.

“Cow and calf” is created from a parcel or a pocket of clay and pushed into its final shape with the calf attached from a small separate piece of clay.

Made from stoneware clay this piece is glazed using tomato red and wax resist. This would make a great paperweight for a beef farmer.

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