Jane Bawden

One lump or two

I am a local artist/potter/sculptor/gardener/soil maker/ hill builder.

Born in Ouyen, raised in Mildura, I was lucky to go to Mildura Tech school in the late 70’s. It was an inspiring place to be with a fantastic group of creative students and an equally inspiring group of teachers who were working towards a new facility (TAFE)

I graduated from Ballarat CAE in 1984 with a Diploma of Fine Art, returning to Mildura and finding employment with the Mildura Rural City Council as a member of the Mall team. This job gave me amazing opportunities for creating some public art work and whilst none of it survives to date the experience was to influence my artistic direction for the next few years. During this time I shared a studio with a New Zealand, Artist Robyn Gibson, who was living and working in Mildura at that time.

Struggling to find somewhere to exhibit our work we created an Artist’s collective and with the help of a band of local artists we created a gallery called “Available space” where we held many successful exhibitions. The space was donated by a fabulous patron and was available to us up until he sold his business. Unfortunately the new owner was not interested in the Arts and the gallery space was reclaimed. The party was officially over. Robyn returned to New Zealand and I went back to University.

1992 I started teaching pottery at MADEC, a job which I still do today, teaching both children and adults to make and shape clay into all sorts of things.

I have worked as an Art and Drama teacher in several schools around the district, Chaffey SC, Irymple SC and Irymple South Primary school and I am currently working at TAFE teaching sculpture.

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