September featured artist

Artist: Donnie Byrne
Title: Unlocking the flavours
Medium: Miniature objects, wine glass, key
Location: Cafe 27 Deakin Ave

Artist statement:
Sommeliers are famous for the language they use when describing the flavours, aromas and colours of wine.They use myriad euphemisms to describe the flavour of wine from honey to sour cream , and from green raspberries to mud; words to describe the aroma, smell or  bouquet of the wine can vary from orange blossom to dirty socks, or kerosene to freshly mown grass; and the colour of wine, well it is in the eye of the beholder...In my work, I have collected many miniature objects to represent only the flavours of the words I have heard used to describe the flavour of wine.  Words such as bananas, raspberries, oranges, chocolate, liquorice, lemons, sand, sugar and strawberries, to name just a few.The tiny keys represent the unlocking of these flavours when the wine hits the Sommelier's palate, and also to symbolise the untapped flavours still concealed.

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