July featured artist

Artist: Geoffrey Brown
Title: stress excess
Medium: University stress booklets
Location: Premier Art Supplies

Artist Statement
These La trobe university stress booklets, made of foam rubber, allow us to channel our anxiety – in much the same way as the Greeks are currently, using worry beads

“Anxiety and fear are no doubt psychological marks of domination in all social structures, but a specific anxiety and fear emerges in financial capitalism through the accelerating demands and pressures of working and living in the neoliberal era.

Although many workers are well aware what it is which causes their anxiety and debt in the short-term, perhaps the time comes now for a collective therapeutic catharsis and overturning, turning anew – as is happening currently in Greece.

What might anxiety and hysteria finally look like, on a mass scale?”               

[based on a paper by J.D. Taylor Anxiety Machines: Neoliberal Capitalism, Depression, and Continuous connectivity.

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