Win Moser

Rice Paper Trail

Medium: watercolour, ink, coloured pencil, graphite on Chinese rice paper

I bought a long roll of Chinese rice paper about two years ago and have been working on it over time. I collect stones, leaves, bark and other objects from places I visit as well as from around my home, and reproduce them by tracing, rubbings and drawing in as many ways as I like. I also try different ways to dye the paper.

Returning to this scroll from time to time is a bit like returning to a meandering trail, where I spend time exploring different ways of representing landscapes and memories of places that are meaningful to me. I am continually inspired by the persistence of nature in spite of everything that is done to it.

 I have discovered that the rice paper is a very generous medium, so strong and forgiving. Somewhere I read rice paper described as being, “..truthfull to the moment..”

My aim is to simply enjoy the process of drawing. If anything else happens, that’s a bonus.



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